East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro White Attack Shaft

Give the people what they want – you asked for it, you got it – finally  the East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro White Attack Shaft!

The most technically advanced composite shaft in the Carbon line, the East Coast Dyes Carbon Pro White Attack Shaft’s Kick Point Technology creates a high kick point in the handle.  This provides a quick release making it perfect for crafty players who are all about quick feeds and finishes.

Kick Point Technology
Strategically placed kick point benefits specific playing styles.
High Kick Point provides a quick release for quick shots and feeds.

Flex Control Layering
Unique, carbon fiber layering technique creates greater control over the shaft’s flex.
Allows for less side-to-side flex during shots and passes for greater accuracy and added stability.

Superior Construction, Enhanced Performance
Flex8 offers enhanced flexibility for extra snap on shots and passes.
Innovative composite materials and manufacturing process allows a high strength-to-weight ratio.

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