GloveStix Antimicrobial Inserts

GloveStix antimicrobial inserts are 99.9% effective at killing harmful bacteria!

When placed into your gloves or cleats after practice or games they will remove harmful moisture and kill 99.9% of odor causing bacteria! The fresh scented insert should be replaced every 90 days for optimum performance.

STOP THE STINK – GloveStix are an odor management solution designed to eliminate odor, kill bacteria and absorb moisture in Lacrosse, Hockey, Boxing, and Soccer goalie gloves as well as shoes and cleats.
KILLS BACTERIA – Silver Seal technology infuses the plastic used in GloveStix with silver ions, silver has natural antimicrobial properties and in the presence of moisture is designed to extinguish the cell walls of the bacteria.
REUSABLE – In addition to the Silver Seal, each GloveStix set has replaceable deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags in the perforated tubes that can be easily replaced for optimum performance
SAVE MONEY – Don’t throw away that old, stinky gear. You worked so hard to break it in with the perfect fit. Save it with GloveStix.

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