StringKing Mark 2F Raw Limited Edition Lacrosse Head
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The StringKing Mark 2F Raw Limited Edition Lacrosse Head is built for faceoffs.

The Mark 2F Raw faceoff lacrosse head is a special edition of the Mark 2F, made using a tougher, bone-colored plastic. It’s a unique looking, slightly stiffer head made to dominate the faceoff X and control the game.

Slightly stiffer.
The Mark 2F Raw is made with a slightly stiffer plastic and without any color additives. The result is a more durable faceoff head for dominating head-to-head battles.

More control.
The Mark 2F Raw was designed from top to bottom to dominate face-offs, from the shortened throat that gives you more leverage, to the higher flare and straighter sidewall that help you control the ball.

Ground ball dominance.
Controlling the ball means nothing if you don’t control possession. The angled scoop of the Mark 2F Raw makes it a ground ball vacuum so you can attack a loose ball from any angle.

6-month warranty
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5

Love this head. Always retains it shape game after game.



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