ECD Carbon 3.0 Composite Defense Lacrosse Shaft

ECD Carbon 3.0 Composite Defense Lacrosse Shaft is the latest and greatest in one of the game’s most popular shaft lines. Featuring our enhanced Impact+ Layup for improved durability and a new sliding end cap, this shaft is perfect for every player.​

Stronger than Ever
Through observation and player feedback, we optimized our Impact+ layup to provide additional strength where players need it most.

Sliding End Cap
Giving you more versatility, our sliding end cap can be adjusted to the perfect placement for your game. Just place the end cap where you like it, add a little tape, and you are ready to roll.

Clean Looks
We kept the design on this shaft super clean so you can let your game do the talking.

With just the right amount of flex, this shaft continues the tradition of being a perfect shaft to get you into carbon fiber shafts.

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