Epoch iD Jr Lacrosse Starter Kit – Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads

The Epoch iD Jr Lacrosse Starter Kit – Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads protective collection was designed for the emerging U10 lacrosse player, providing them with the required protection and comfort when starting out. Engineered by Epoch with some of the same features Epoch Pro Athletes use in their gear, iD Jr is designed to be safe, comfortable and highly protective at an incredible value. If you are in the market for high quality U10 gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads, the iD Jr starter kit is the choice for you.

Engineered for the U10 lacrosse player, the iD Jr gloves provide great protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Some of the key features of the iD Jr gloves include an adjustable wrist strap, allowing the glove to fit growing hands, and flexible thumb, for comfort and protection. In addition, the ergonomic breaks and one-piece palms help keep player’s hands nimble while providing maximum feel. Engineered with our double foam stack for added protection in key areas and breathable textured fabric with a vented one-piece palm for increased ventilation.

The iD Jr Arm Pad is engineered using a true 3-piece design by having the forearm, cap and bicep pads all separated, giving players more flexibility and comfort at the U10 level. iD Jr Arm Pads utilize a Sure-Fit design, which allows for the pads to fit and function with full range of motion of the arm if pads are accidentally or incorrectly put on by the player. They also feature Epoch’s density foam and a hard-shell cap for ample protection and comfort while shooting, passing or dodging.

The iD Jr shoulder pads are engineered for the perfect fit while providing extreme flexibility and sound protection for the U10 level. Engineered with the same attention to detail as our Intergra and ID protective line up to help with player development, these shoulder pads do not restrict mobility and are designed with Epoch’s Slim Fit strapping system for a better and more precise fit during play. Epoch’s padded neck liner and chest plate provide additional protection without sacrificing comfort for the emerging player.

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