Epoch Purpose 15 Degree Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick

The Epoch Purpose 15 Degree Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick is designed for the next evolution of elite lacrosse players. Designed, manufactured, and strung right here in the USA, the Purpose head features Epoch’s newly patented 15-degree bottom rail. This technology is designed exclusively for the women’s game by Epoch’s team of female engineers and coaches.

The Purpose 15-degree technology occurs in the head which constantly drives the ball high in the pocket to the sweet spot like no head before it. This maximizes feel and control while dodging, as well as power and accuracy during a pass or shot. Strung in America, the Epoch Purpose comes with a ladder pocket for elite level control.

All of Epoch’s Factory Setups come with a Dragonfly Purpose shaft. The Dragonfly Purpose is the most advanced carbon fiber composite shaft in the game and comes available in a concave 1″ diameter (C32), or a slim 7/8″ diameter (S32). The Epoch Purpose Factory Setup is proudly Made in America and comes with an industry leading 1-year warranty. 15 > 10. Play with Purpose.

Head: Purpose
Flex iQ: 4
Pocket Location: High
Pocket: Ladder
Warranty: 1 Year (limited)
Material: Composite Injected Polymer

Shaft: Dragonfly Purpose
Length: 32″
Geometry: C32 Concave 1″ or S32 Slim 7/8″
Material: Composite/Carbon Fiber
Flex: iQ9
Top Coat: Soft Touch
Warranty: 1-Year

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