ECD Red Ion Lacrosse Head

The ECD Ion lacrosse head is ECD’s lightest head yet! It offers ultimate performance for the quick attackman. The ECD Ion lacrosse head features their new patent pending Diamond plastic. The Diamond plastic offers a durable see through aesthetic that is lightweight but enhanced in durability.  East Coast Dyes engineered the ion head with the focus on aerodynamics by utilizing a tight face shape for effortless speed. The ion delivers a lightweight follow through to increase quickness when shooting and passing. ECD delivered the perfect option for a mid low pocket that will unlock speed, accuracy, and consistency for the elite offensive player. This head features an ergonomic throat design allowing players to choke up while dodging and cradling to achieve maximum ball control. Perfect for the offensive threat who likes to push the limits leaving announcers speechless. It will leave the defenders wondering what happened as you celebrate with your teammates. ECD proudly manufacture the ion here in the USA.

– Featuring ECDs Diamond Plastic with see through aesthetics, enhanced durability and lightweight 

– Designed with a tight face shape for increased aerodynamics 

– Developed for the perfect mid low pocket

– Ergonomic throat allows for increased ball control 

– Made in the USA

The All New ECD ION | Coming 10.27.22 – YouTube

ECD Product Event – September 21st 2022 – YouTube

ECD CARBON PRO 3.0 Speed Attack Lacrosse Shaft

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