StringKing Mark 2A Lacrosse Head

The StringKing Mark 2A Lacrosse Head is built for attack, giving offensive players exceptional control, quick hands, and accurate shots. – 130 grams – Most recommended for attack – Universal spec 

Why StringKing Mark 2A?
  1. Better ball control.
    We engineered the Mark 2A with a lower side profile and slightly pinched face shape that gives you unmatched control when cradling vertically.
  2. Speed and accuracy.
    The Mark 2A features a larger offset and a slightly flatter scoop to give offensive players a quicker and more accurate release.
  3. Light and stiff.
    The Mark 2A is both light and stiff giving you faster hands, powerful shots and the accuracy you need to hit your target.
  4. A better pocket.
    With 29 stringing holes on each sidewall, we’ve made it easier than ever to string up and customize the perfect pocket.
  5. No head rattle.
    The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2A goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head rattle.
  6. 6-month warranty.
    We extended our quick and easy warranty to 6 months because we believe in the durability of our Mark 2 heads.

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